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Since its inception, TechIcon has been a trusted partner to its clients to achieve their missions successfully. With our years of experience in IT and OT Strategy, Operations, and Security, we have contributed significantly to our clients in strategic thought processes to define an IT roadmap to achieve their vision by combining industry expertise with innovative technologies.

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We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality services so that you can focus on growing your business without any hassle.
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Cyber Security

Our vast knowledge in this field comes from years of hands-on experience. It stretches to a wide range of subfields including Compliance, Policy, Penetration Testing, Red and Blue Teaming, Cyber Security in the Product Development Life Cycle, and Vulnerability Life Cycle Management.


We have a great eye and a wide experience in recruiting the best resources for a team. An abundance of cognitive empathy coupled with an extensive practical knowledge in the field of Cyber Security enables us to find the perfect resources for you in this field.

Contract Vehicles

The IT MAS Schedule is the largest and most widely used procurement vehicle in the Federal Government. Nearly one-third of all GSA Multiple Award Schedule contractors are available through IT MAS Schedule’s Special Item Numbers (SINs). This allows customers to get access to the products, services, and solutions they need.


FISMA Compliance

Our security experts help and guide you through informed decision-making, optimized resource allocation and efficient risk management.

FISMA Compliance

Our security experts help and guide you so you make informed decisions with optimized resource allocation, and have efficient risk management for your organization.

Penetration Testing

The security vulnerabilities in networks and systems are rising at an alarming rate due to the increase in the sophistication of cyberattacks around the globe. A great way to avoid such threats is penetration testing.

FedRAMP Advisory

We understand that each organization is unique therefore our FedRAMP solutions are tailored to the organization’s specific needs; therefore, maximizing the chances of getting authorization on the first attempt.

Risk Assessment

To reduce the negative impact of a risk on your organization and its assets, it is essential to identify, analyze and evaluate all the potential consequences, and the likelihood and severity of any risk.



A novel solution for POA&M management and automation.

Ramper™ - POA&M Management and Automation

Ramper™ brings automation to the Plan of Actions & Milestones management for Cloud Service Providers (CSP) to efficiently track and plan solutions for your organization’s Information Security weaknesses.