FISMA Compliance

Our security experts help and guide you through informed decision-making, optimized resource allocation and efficient risk management.

Transform your Risks into Success

Each decision that makes or breaks your business involves an abundance of risks. While some of these may be minimal, many can be catastrophic. Moreover, it is essential to account for any hidden threats and emerging hazards.

At TechIcon, we believe that a resilient and optimized business is capable of tackling and turning any risks and threats into favorable opportunities of growth and success. Therefore, we ensure that our clients are always ready to confront any hazards.

Strategic Risk Management

Our Risk Management services help organizations elevate their risk discussions to a strategic level and embrace 2 critical facets:

A preventative, control-based aspect focusing on negative events, loss prevention and risk mitigation.
A strategic, entrepreneurial aspect focusing on aligning risk and reward in pursuit of business advantage.

The TechIcon Risk
Management Process

Since the publication of the NIST SP 800-37 Revision 1, TechIcon has been following the Risk Management Framework (RMF) for all the security assessment activities. The TechRMP is tailored for each Federal Agency and flexible enough to employ on Cloud  Security Assessments. Moreover, it focuses heavily on high quality by designating individuals responsible for enforcing the quality requirements in our Quality System Manual (QSM), similar to the ISO 17020 requirements. 

At TechIcon, we have utilized the RMF as intended by NIST to produce a customized process of comprehensive security categorization, selection, implementation, assessment, authorization and monitoring. We call this process the TechIcon Risk Management Process (TechRMP).

Our Capabilities

We take pride in our extensive capabilities that range from Security Program Development to Regulatory Standard Compliance, to Security Education and Training.

Align your Risk Strategy with the performance of your business

Triage, track and treat gaps and threats in your current approach

Increase effectiveness, efficiency and agility by optimizing your compliance efforts

Reduce cost and improve effectiveness of your Governance, Risk and Compliance efforts

Provide recommendations and suggestions for better a approach and strategies after evaluating your current approach

Tailor our Proprietary Risk Evaluation approach to your organization’s culture and appetite for risk

Recommend improvements after assessing the effectiveness of your current efforts and controls

Design, implement and assess Risk Management Capabilities across a spectrum of strategic, operational, financial and compliance considerations

Our Services

Controls Analysis

Evaluate and document current information security controls, their intent and actual function. This independent, third-party controls analysis can be customized to meet your specific needs

Security Policies

Assess the effectiveness of your organization’s current Security Policies, an essential component of the Risk Management Program, and modify existing or develop new policies that align more closely with your business goals.

Maturity Assessment

Examine current controls and provide a Maturity Assessment created from a standards-based Proprietary Evaluation Process. This independent third-party assessment benchmarks current practices against leading methods and industry standards.

Threat Identification

Evaluate, assess and modify your organization’s Security Posture to identify threat gaps and areas of weakness. This independent third-party Threat Identification is tailored to each organization’s needs, structure and processes.


Document regulatory administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to demonstrate compliance including Protection of Individual Information (PII), Protected Health Information (PHI) and Credit Card data.