About Us

Improving the security posture of our clients by assessing and managing cyber security vulnerabilities.

About TechIcon

Since its inception, TechIcon has been a trusted partner to its clients to achieve their missions successfully. With our years of experience in IT and OT Strategy, Operations, and Security, we have contributed significantly to our clients in strategic thought processes to define an IT roadmap to achieve their vision by combining industry expertise with innovative technologies.

Helping our customers keep their vision ahead of the technology curve and addressing their day to day technology challenges has helped us cultivate a partnership that perfectly aligns to achieve similar goals.

We achieve this by our understanding of the client’s needs and our global real-world experience.

We aspire to carry a reputation in the marketplace for offering complete solutions in the areas of IT Infrastructure, Design and Management Services, Information Security Services, and Technology Management Services.

Our Mission

To improve the security posture of our clients by assessing and managing cyber security vulnerabilities.

Our Values


We believe our clients are our brothers to whom we deliver the highest quality services with honesty, hard work and responsibility.


We focus on building trust and a comfortable environment with our clients as we believe that good communication is key to understand our clients better.

Personal Accountability

We hold ourselves accountable for every bit of work we do so that our focus remains on delivering nothing but the best.

Continuous Learning

We are engaged in learning continuously from our clients so that we can keep on improving our services even more.

Good Citizenship

We have a duty to our clients, our company and our community in which we live and we constantly work on making ourselves better citizens.

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