TechIcon is a Top 10 DevOps Company

CIO Review has recognized TechIcon as the top 10 promising DevOps companies in the U.S. Automating software development processes to maximize team efficiency while reducing development time and cost.

Team Over Process

The practice of automating the Software Development Life Cycle is rapidly increasing among modern companies. We believe that the key to efficient processes is a productive team. Thus, with our DevOps implementation, we focus on the steady and thorough evolution of teams first, and then streamline their processes for increased efficiency.  

Why DevOps?


Our DevOps services increase efficiency and productivity as our subject matter experts enable quick turnaround to your running software. We also encourage employee engagement through continuous learning and evolution resulting in happier and more productive teams.


Our DevOps services increase robustness and resilience as our team helps in finding existing and new issues faster. We also help your teams develop the software features and ensure its stability simultaneously by continuous integration and using test-driven techniques.


Our DevOps services provide stability to your teams and productivity along with providing compliance to the processes. This is guaranteed by a team that is responsible for not just the development, but also the stability of the software resulting in quicker problem resolutions.

Continuous Delivery

Our DevOps services make your software production seamless and promote a collaborative culture among your teams. This results in quicker feedback and faster fixes that increase the rate of releases, and hence guarantee a better time to market your product.

Our Services

1. Strategy

We believe that your initial project planning can make or break your project no matter what your budget is. The key here is to meet the requirements and the pace of your customers.

Therefore, at TechIcon, we help you discover the benefits of modern technical and technological advances that drive continuous delivery. Our experts sit down with all the stakeholders and help you devise the most suitable plan by:

  • identifying the right software development process,
  • helping set up and use modern project management tools,
  • defining the success metrics to help identify the software quality.

2. Development & Testing

The main focus of our DevOps services is to maximize the efficiency of your software development. We ensure this by helping you with CI/CD using the tools you are comfortable using or suggest better tools for your current and future projects. 

Moreover, we identify code quality metrics for you to compare your code’s current quality with and improve in the future for better products. Our software testing experts also help you fix any errors as soon as possible to make sure your products are reliable, robust and free of any errors and loopholes.

Why Us?

TechIcon is a team of developers, testers and IT operations experts who analyze your teams and processes from every technical facet. Therefore, our services help you evolve your teams and improve your production to reach your business goals effectively and efficiently.