Risk Assessment

We identify, analyze, and evaluate the potential consequences, the likelihood and severity of cyber security risks.

Minimize the Consequences

To reach the top of the ladder of success, every organization needs to make some risky decisions. With every such decision, it is essential that organizations identify and track their assets. This requires each organization to have proper business processes and security controls.

Assets, processes, and networks have security weaknesses. Risk Assessment analyzes and evaluates how negatively a risk can affect your processes, assets and success. Therefore, before taking a risky step, it is best to assess if the risk is worth the damage it may cause.

At TechIcon, our experts analyze if your organization has good security posture per their requirements and suggest any improvements needed to make your processes and assets reliable.

Our Services

The success of our clients has always been our first priority, therefore our services are specifically designed to provide the best Risk Assessment services according to each organization.

Security Posture

We analyze the current security posture of your organization to carry out an assessment. The whole process is communicated with you so that you are well aware of your organization’s security vulnerabilities. 

We understand that every organization wants a better security posture that is best suited to their goals, hence we keep you in the loop so that you can make even better decisions in the future.

Reach Your Goals

We develop a whole roadmap for your organization so that you can reach your desired goals efficiently. Thus, the suggested security posture after assessment is mapped to your business goals to check and ensure compatibility.

Moreover, we review and analyze your organization’s policies and processes to better understand your approach in reaching your goals. We often carry out a dialogue with your employees to produce a more accurate analysis

The Art of Automated Risk Assessment

At TechIcon, we believe that communication is the foundation of a great assessment. Risk Assessment is not a desk activity, so we interact with your employees, leadership, consultants and customers (if needed). We do this to:

Recognize the assets, applications and processes that are critical to the business.

Research the security controls supporting the organization and its critical infrastructure.

Represent the security and business risk and any possible loss to business.


Report the security posture of the business.

Roadmap to take the business from the current to future security posture.

Record the plan and roadmap for implementation.

Why Us?

Our services are carefully designed to help your organization improve its security posture in an ever expanding risk landscape. We understand the importance of assessment and compliance, and developing a roadmap that helps your organization tackle any security threats without breaking a bank.