Penetration Testing

The security vulnerabilities in networks and systems are rising at an alarming rate due to the increase in the sophistication of cyberattacks around the globe. A great way to avoid such threats is penetration testing.

Tackling the Cyberthreats

In recent years, we have seen an exponential progress in the field of cybersecurity, all thanks to the increased processing power and cheaper memory created in the industry. Hence, the sophistication and frequency of cybersecurity attacks has increased and the competency required to execute the attacks has decreased. 

Moreover, the availability of easier-to-execute attacks has made it easier for a novice to attack a sophisticated network, resulting in an increase in script kiddies causing immense damage.

Modern organizations with sophisticated networks or legacy devices need to stay on top of the attack landscape - constantly and vigilantly. The TechIcon Penetration Testing experts help our customers with threat modeling and identification of security weaknesses in their infrastructure and applications by applying the proper testing tools and techniques.

Services We Provide

In recent years, we have seen an exponential progress in the field of cybersecurity.


A properly established scope is helpful in security testing to minimize impact on your daily business activities. We ensure that a Security Test reveals any security vulnerability gracefully. We use agreed-upon incident and escalation processes to make sure that the correct personnel are involved in Risk Identification and Mitigation.


A well executed scan can provide information about an organization's assets and infrastructure more safely than a person poking around the network. We utilize well-known and successful tools to automatically scan our client's networks and applications. Our experts use this data to find issues hidden deeper into a network.


A test that cannot be repeated or halted is useless. We develop and execute custom tests to meet your specific needs. We have learned through the years of testing for our clients that a repeatable test is more useful than digging deep into a network or application to prove a vulnerability. We share our test methods with our clients so they can use them to improve their security posture.


A well documented report on the security gaps informs System Administrators and Owners about the security vulnerabilities and their risks. Our experts are well versed in the art of describing the attack, application(s) and data impacted to your organization in a repeatable manner.

Our Testing Strategy

Whether we are testing in part or in full, we test in an iterative fashion. 



1. Reconnaissance -intelligence gathering through communication or passive scans.


2. Scan – scanning to understand the infrastructure and applications running


3a. Gain access – attacks are used to identify data or command injections and backdoors


3b. Maintain access – achieve persistent presence to show that an attacker can execute an in-depth attack


3c. Repeat – determine if existing security policies and tools detect repetition of an attack


4. Document – describe type, methods, business and security risks and mitigation in a scientific manner

Why Us?

TechIcon Penetration Testers are a group of doers and fixers. We understand the risk of Cybersecurity Weaknesses to our customers. Our services are designed to properly identify and explain these risks to our customers efficiently so that you may make effective decisions to improve your security posture. 

Furthermore, we understand FISMA and FedRAMP and the importance of necessary testing for these standards. And most importantly, Penetration Testing is in our blood as our Principals started their career in the late 90s as Penetration Testers.