Testing software for behavior, functionality, reliability, User Experience, quality and much more.

Quality Matters!

At TechIcon, we believe that quality is an attribute of your software. Software Testing is an activity that must run in parallel to the software development instead of carrying out just before the final release.


It is a crucial activity to verify and maintain the quality of your software. Our testing experts ensure that your software is functional, secure, reliable and free of any errors. 

Why Software Testing ?

Software Testing is a fundamental process that guarantees your software is not just free of any bugs but is also secure, reliable and robust. We provide customized testing services to meet your software's Quality Assurance and Quality Control needs.

At TechIcon, software testing is a continuous activity, i.e., we test and analyze the software throughout its development lifecycle. We understand that the software development monetary and resource cost can dramatically increase if a bug is found during the final phases of the Software Development Lifecycle.


1. Consultancy

Software Testing is a resource and time-intensive activity, and it requires an organized plan. Our Software Test subject matter experts develop a plan and testing process for your software testing needs, which includes answering:

We also help create a plan for software testers in your organization, which answer:

We help your developers and test engineers identify the best frameworks for this whole process.

2. QA and QC

Our Test Engineers perform Quality Assurance on your software to ensure that your product remains error-free and according to the requirements throughout its Development Life Cycle. 

Once your product reaches its Release stage, we perform Quality Control to test that the product meets all its requirements and is free of any loopholes before releasing it to your customers.

Our Expertise

Automated Testing

Our software testing experts use modern tools and technologies to develop and execute robust test cases efficiently and effectively. Our automated testing strategy helps you create new features with the knowledge that old components do not break during or after integration.

Scripted Testing

We understand that automated testing may not provide 100% test coverage in some scenarios. We design and develop repeatable scripted manual tests so that either our or your test engineers can execute consistently throughout your software development lifecycle.

Exploratory Testing

There are scenarios where a fault in the software is only discoverable through expert exploration. Our software test team has experience dealing with these scenarios and has developed techniques for finding those pesky bugs. Our expert documentation allows you to future proof yourself by scripting or automating the exploratory tests.

Our Levels Of Testing

Unit Testing

At this level, we test in parallel to Code Development. Each unit of code is tested independently to ensure that it works as expected. The testing effort at this level provides the most benefit as most of the software faults are caught as soon as they come into existence.

Functional Testing

At this level, we use and test the software from an end user's perspective. The testing effort starts when user deliverables are mostly done and it helps find issues that we are sure to see after the release of the software. This end-to-end testing activity helps you release a zero-bug product.

Integration Testing

Modern software is complicated and requires integration with third-party libraries and services. At this level, we test that the base units of code and libraries are integrated together correctly. The testing effort at this level helps reduce most software faults caused by assuming design decisions.

Why Us?

We firmly believe in the earlier, the better when it comes to software testing. Our team works closely with yours to ensure you produce exceptional software while reducing your software development costs exponentially.